Weldless Collar Pipe System

Called the Weldless Collar Pipe System, it is capable of 16 bar pressure, light weight, easy to linstall and cost effective for site installation

Weldless Collar Pipe System Portfolio

Being manufactured using stainless steel, it is ideal for numerous industries, including oil & gas, especially in todays cost conscious environment.

The Weldless Collar Pipe System meets major requirements of the chemical and food processing industries, being approved by the Lloyds Register and to ASME standards.

The standard Weldless Collar Pipe System, is manufactured using metric stainless steel, type 304 & 316 tube, complete with weldless pulled tees*, weldless tafted ends* and rotary backing flanges.

Weldless pulled tees - formed directly from the tube resulting in a butt joint at the pull and no other cutting or welding of the tube (see bottom of page for example).

Weldless tafted ends - formed at the end of the tube, with no welding required. Fitted with a rotary backing flange (see bottom of page for example.)

Available in pipe sizes ranging from 25 mm to 400 mm dia, it is ideal where complicated manifolds and pipe spools are required, it has the added advantage of having considerable benefits over conventional site fabricated systems.

  • Eliminates: site fabrication. Just bolt together.
  • Coded Welding X-ray costs.
  • Difficult bolt-hole alignment.
  • Benefits include:
  • Reduced fabrication and installation costs.
  • Constant high quality with precision - every time.
  • Tafted ends formed on straight or pre-bent pipes.
  • Tafted ends formed, with backing flanges.
  • No tacking, welding or brazing.
  • Backing flange material options available.
  • Spools pressure tested, if required.
  • Fabricated to client drawings.
  • 3D drawings supplied for installation.

Rotary backing/collar flanges can be supplied in a variety of materials for all manner of hygienic and process needs, i.e. stainless steel, pressed stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel and powder coated.