Waterjet Cutting

Utilising waterjet and plasma cutting heads, fitted to a custom built machine, a wide variety of thick materials can be profiled, using the 6 metres x 3 metres cutting bed, producing both cost effective and accurately cut items.

Waterjet Cutting Portfolio

The state of the art process consists of a thin jet of pressurised water, containing a very fine abrasive, operating at pressures in excess of 60,000 psi, with an accuracy of +/- 0.4 mm. We are unique in offering CNC rotary cutting of pipework, up to 6 metre in Length x 600 mm dia. This is ideal for complicated swept tee pipework branches, etc. All manner of intricate shapes can be achieved by the CNC guided jet and together with the sophisticated nesting programme, developed by ABC Stainless Ltd, full material utilisation is achievable with minimum wastage reducing in client costs.


  • Fast and accurate cutting
  • Materials cleanly cut, with no discolouration
  • No need to de-burr the cut edge
  • Eliminates the need for finishing operations
  • Economical usage of materials using CAD nesting
  • Cuts metals in excess of 90 mm
  • Machine design gives it a large sheet capacity and better sheet yields
  • No heat affected zone or heat distortion
  • Compatible with clients own CAD drawings or artwork in any digital file format

Waterjet cutting is available for the following materials:

acrylic- aluminium - bonded fibre materials - brass - bronze - carbon fibre - carpeting - ceramics - copper - composite materials - fibreglass - glass - reinforced plastics - granite - hard carbon - iron - kelvar - leather - manganese steel - marble - nickel alloys - plastics - polycarbonate - P.T.F.E - PVC - rubber - stainless steel - titanium - wood.

If you have a different material, please contact us for further information.