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ABC Stainless News

Oil spill Response Boeing 727 Jet Aircraft equipped with internal stainless steel Tanks and Pipework manufactured by ABC Stainless, demonstrates its capabilities at the 2016 Farnborough International Air Show.

ABC Stainless Ltd Is proud to have been accepted onto the Achilles UVDB approved supplier list.

Achilles UVDB is the main organisation in the UK responsible for vetting potential suppliers to the Utilities Sector. Among its clients are most of the major utility providers including: Anglian Water, Balfour Beatty Utilities, EDF Energy, MWH Uk, Northumbrian Water, Scottish Power, Thames Water, Wessex Water and Yorkshire Water.

Following several months of negotiations, assessments and audits, ABC Stainless is proud to confirm that it has been approved as a manufacturer and supplier to the aerospace industry.

In late 2014 ABC Stainless secured a prestigious long term contract to supply equipment and bespoke components to be installed on Boeing 727 jet aircraft.

The high profile contract is testament to ABC's commitment to quality and excellence, and re-affirms our status as one of the country's leading experts in high quality stainless steel fabrications.

As the first Boeing 727 re-fit nears completion, ABC is pleased to confirm that we have secured a repeat order to supply a second aircraft, which will run well into 2016.

The notoriously rigorous procedures and regulations governing the supply of aviation parts have been instrumental in helping ABC Stainless develop and improve its own quality control systems.

Accurate and well organised documentation is an essential part of any aviation contract, and ABC prides itself on fine attention to detail along with careful and methodical document control. Tight controls have also been implemented to ensure the segregation,identification and traceability of all materials. As an ISO9001 registered company, ABC Stainless is committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver excellence as we move into 2016.

Fitting the HTP Tank

Read more to find out about the latest developments in the Bloodhound project and how the stainless steel tank has been fitted to Bloodhounds hybrid rocket system. The tank will hold one tonne of concentrated hydrogen peroxide that will be used as the oxidiser in the rocket system.

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ABC Stainless has recently completed a 6m tall stainless steel sculpture.

ABC Stainless has recently completed a 6m tall stainless steel sculpture, which was designed and commissioned by internationally acclaimed sculptor David Begbie.


The impressive creation, which was fabricated from mirror polished stainless, has now been erected at a private residence in New York.

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ABC Stainless HTP tank to be put to the test

The Bloodhound project has announced that the first major test firing of the full size Falcon rocket system is set to take place in the first week of October 2012 in a secure location in the UK. The test firing will be a key moment in the development of the Bloohound project and will put the rocket system to the test. This will also put ABC Stainless to the test as they have built the HTP tank for the rocket.

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