The Team


Justin Woolner

Works Director

Since leaving school, Justin has spent his entire working life in an engineering environment. He was employed by a local fabrication firm in 1991 where he met Mark McAuliffe (Now ABC Technical Director and co-owner). Having completed his apprenticeship as a fabricator/welder he very quickly progressed through the ranks, having natural ability to pick up new practical skills whilst learning the theoretical physics and mathematics involved in becoming a skilled craftsman. He gained more experience and expertise whilst working for a couple more fabrication companies specialising in high quality aluminium and stainless steel products. He joined ABC stainless Ltd in 2000 and again quickly progressed to works supervisor in 2005.

Justin and Mark teamed up to put together a successful buyout bid, following the announcement that the company's founder, Alan Bostock wished to retire. Justin and Mark have been in business together ever since and continue to uphold the traditional values of quality, excellence and reliability that have been at the core of ABC Stainless since 1981.