Hygienic Tanks & Vessels

All tanks and vessels made at ABC Stainless are custom made to BSEN 288 standards including all weld procedures undertaken by BSEN 287-1 coded welders. We are also able to offer Pressure Vessels to PD5500 cat 3 including all documentation and arrangement of third party inspection and testing.

Hygienic Tanks & Vessels Portfolio

All tanks and vessels fabricated here at ABC come with The Department of Water Industries approval of ABC Stainless storage process tanks and vessels for use in public water supplies. (Regulation 1989 no.1147)

Where jacketed vessels and tanks are specified, these can be manufactured using conventional methods or the latest template or dimple jacketing.

Both template and dimple jacketing fabrication methods are now being specified where cost heat/cold transfer efficiency are prime requirements. Using either of these economical heat/cold transfer plates for exterior or interior tanks, pressure vessels or conveyers, we are able to fabricate to a diverse range of shapes and styles including dished ends and cones. This method generates a "Free flow pattern" for the heating/cooling material thus reducing fatigue failure from condensation build up. Manufactured in stainless steel, this single embossed sheet is one of the many unique cost effective fabrication facilities available to our clients, giving greater material strength when used as jacketing material and in many cases allowing a reduction of material thickness. Design and operating pressures determine the jacketed material thickness if you have any questions or enquires don't hesitate to ask.

Single embossed heat exchanger plate is suitable for numerous industries including: chemical, textile, brewery, pharmaceutical, dairy, beverage, waste treatment, paper, food and drink processing.