Bespoke Design

Our facilities allow us to make almost anything in stainless steel... If you can dream it up, we can make it!

Bespoke Design Portfolio

We offer a complete design & fabrication solution for all manner of situations and locations from architectural to industrial.

We are also able to offer customers sign writing of any style or type thanks to our complex computer software. This allows us to design laser etched typography, images, dropouts and cut images. These items can then be created using our extensive range of machinery including laser and waterjet cutting. Components can then be finished by either glass bead blasting, or in a range of different polishing options offered by our dedicated in-house polishing shop.

Sheet metal software allows the development of curved and irregular shapes to be drawn as flat patterns. These patterns can then be sent digitally to our laser or waterjet machines to be cut from sheet or plate. When cut out, the shapes can then be rolled, pressed, formed and shaped to the final design.

This facility is ideal for architectural projects, where commissioned items are required to achieve not only functionality but quality of appearance.

If you have any queries as to feasibility don't hesitate to ask.